Monday, 7 April 2014

Who'd have thunk - Day 2

Yes its day 2! and they said it wouldn't last.

As I said yesterday I attended a workshop with Hels Sheridan on the many uses of the melt pot.  Although I have used the pot with UTEE I hadn't ventured into the sticky realms of bees wax.

Well the first thing we were going to do was play with wax, Hmmm!  Now I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and not as smelly, I'm not a fan of honey, wax polish or anything else bee related - including the bees! However I think I would say I'm a convert, it was easy to apply once you got your head round the fact it sets really quickly (so no faffing about) and don't put too much on in one coat.

Well we set about planning a canvas and after a little extra work at home after the workshop here's what I came up with.

Both canvases were painted with acrylic paint using a palette knife to give some texture then set aside to dry.  The various images were stamped onto tissue paper and then applied to the canvases with the hot wax.  This was the most nervous stage as I didn't want to tear the paper but that manged the piece was left to dry and then buffed to give a soft shine.

The various leaves and metal flowers were dipped in coloured UTEE to produce something that looks like stained glass, very cool!  The paper flower was dipped in clear UTEE and took on the appearance of porcelain.  These were applied to the piece with hot glue.  

I added a few self adhesive pearl swirls and the blank face, again made with coloured UTEE and a silicon mould, and finished with black acrylic paint round the edges.

I would like to thank Hels Sheridan, Crafting Time in Shepreth, and my fellow crafty ladies for making it a really lovely day.


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